Who should I talk about today then?

June 21, 2016

Initially, I was quite ambitious and enthusiastic about this. If you recall the note I left you on my About Page, you may recall that I have a close interest in what other people are doing or what they have achieved in life. My mission was to talk about anonymous men and women such as ourselves over and above the obviously well-known and famous ones from our short histories. Now, my memory is not by any means short, but as I laid my fingers to the keyboard tonight, my mind suddenly went blank.

So, by the time you’ve had a chance to leave me with your own suggestions, It might be too much too late. While I look forward to reading about who inspired you today, or who from the past remains your hero or heroine, let me rush on with a whirlwind tour of the who’s who in our world from the present and the past. It should be fun, really, because thoughts will be coming thick and fast like a flash in the pan, and in this short space and time left to me, I may not be able to squeeze any more famous faces in here. That’s where you’ll be taking over from me, I would hope.

Anyway, young Malala, I honestly believe, will, one day become prime minister of ravaged and torn Pakistan. According to the world’s youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner, this is her ambitious dream. I picked this up from her memorable and lovely biography, I Am Malala. She has quite literally lived to tell the tale after being shot by deranged Taliban men. Whether the world is a better place or not is hard to tell at this stage. The world is a tumultuous affair right now, and while I previously hoped that former First Lady, Hilary Clinton, would become America’s first female president, I am now having some doubts.

She is up against formidable male opponents who from left to right are exploiting the electorate’s worst fears which have to do with money and security. Unfortunately, Mrs. Clinton has yet to propagate a firm message of hope and enticing promises that those who are willing to go to the polls for. She has yet to take advantage of the effective sound bites her former employer, Mr. Obama left her with. It worked well for him and he got two terms of office, not one.  One lady who should be her nation’s president by April this year is another Nobel Peace Prize winner.

By doing so, she would be completing her father’s legacy and realizing the fulfillment of his dream to turn the uniquely multi-cultural and multi-religious Myanmar into a model nation for Southeast Asians and, indeed, the rest of the world to follow. But due to a spurious constitutional law created by that country’s outgoing military regime, Aung San Suu Kyi cannot become Burma’s president. This is because she is both multicultural and even, one could add, multi-religious. A native of Myanmar, she travelled to different parts of the world while her grieving mother fulfilled diplomatic obligations on behalf of the military regime.

Time and space has run out on us once more. But I’ve achieved something at least. I’ve managed to chat about no less than three exemplary women of the present. I had some names in mind, but, as you can see, I’ve not managed to talk about historic female leaders and role models from the past. While there’s no guarantee that this will happen, who knows, perhaps I will do this in a future post.

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