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Who do you think are the most influential women in the world today?

June 21, 2016

Come on ladies (and gentlemen). Surely you must have some ideas of your own? I ask this question purposefully because, apart from my own interest in who influences you the most, it is also part of my own cultural expression to the world out there. Invariably, because we are all so different from one another and live in different parts of the world, we’ll all have different ideas. Isn’t that enriching? Imagine if we all agreed on the same old things and faces.

The world wouldn’t be too interesting, would it? Nevertheless, I will be a little more objective with my thoughts tonight because even though some of the women I am about to mention have done sterling work over the years, I am not sure I agree with their ideologies and motives in life. This also means that I may differ from some of them on a cultural, personal and moral level. But it is only fair to readers to make up their own minds of what they think. If there is a woman or two that I happen to adore, please forgive me if I thoughtlessly revert to a little subjective expressionism.

That’s also the essence of blogs. You should be able to talk about what’s on your mind, at least every once in a while. Time is short, and I haven’t been given much space this time around either, so without much further ado, let me lead you straight into my whimsical thoughts which, tonight, all came to me at the spur of the moment. Let’s begin with Lady Gaga. Who of my dearest of friends would have ever imagined that I would mention who I regard as the current queen of pop, never mind what the latest Grammy Awards have revealed.

Controversial, she is something of a trend-setter and most definitely a gender-bender of note. She’s also artistically acute in the way in which she expresses herself. But I do think (most of you will be agreeing with this surely) that Adele is on top of the world right now. By this time next year, you can expect her to have scooped up yet another armful of Grammies. Young as I am, I seem to always be behind the times, the latest trends and most popular hits, and so forth. Gone are the days when, as a teenager, I used to sit glued to the stereo listening to the latest round-up of top twenty hits.

Also, I’m too easily distracted to focus on my mobile’s listening apparatus. Invariably, I always return to my own favorites; old songs and, in some cases, timeless classics. A recent assignment, one which I’m still busy with today, keeps on leading me to Adele. It seems as though she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread (and butter). You will find this hard to believe; I’ve not listened to any of her music as often as you’ve done. But, perhaps most music fans will say that Adele is the new queen of pop. Until Gaga returns perhaps? Speaking of queens, could we not also agree that Britain’s ancient queen still holds sway over her subjects.

It seems to me that no matter how hard life is, most women who fall under the British Commonwealth, still have a special place in their hearts for Queen Elizabeth II. But I think that there are two European women who are significantly more important than this old lady who basically shows up every now and then, cuts ribbons and shakes hands here and there. France’s Christine Lagarde is boss of the International Monetary Fund. Angela Merkel is Germany’s Chancellor. And these two leaders quite possibly have two of the most important jobs in the world today.

In order to do these well, they have to fulfill the huge responsibilities that come with it and carry the weight of millions of people from around the world on their shoulders. To date, during their tenures they have had to make some difficult and unpopular choices which are, in essence, designed to improve the lives of many people in the long term.

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