We never spoke about blogs, did we?

June 21, 2016

Not that I have done this much, I don’t believe I talk enough about the books that I’m reading or would like to read. I don’t talk enough about the books I would like you to read someday. I don’t always comment on great works of literary art. There are no regrets about this. Mostly, it has to happen more out of inspiration, not that I’ve been short of this lately. It is also more a case of paying homage to our cultural diversity. Although I don’t think this is good, there are many of us who won’t be sitting down to read a book, whether by choice or due to circumstances.

Many of us are just seemingly far too busy. And when we do have time to spare, we seem to be too tired to focus our minds on a few serious pages. But, I don’t think I’ve ever spoken about the compromise alternative of reading blogs. It’s pretty much a venture in immersing yourself with stories and compelling accounts of other people’s lives. And, if the blog posts have been carefully and respectfully prepared, they are wholly reader-friendly and can turn your day around in a positive light.

Of course, this will also depend on what subject or genre you are following and how smart the blog presentation is. It will also depend on how long (or short) the post is. So, in consideration of that lack of time alluded to earlier, all you need do is prioritize your reading time and make extensive use of the method of bookmarking. It’s pretty much the same as placing a bookmark in your book of choice to keep your place until the next time you have a chance to sit down. Nevertheless, the bookmarking procedure on selecting blogs and/or websites is fairly easy to implement and, more importantly, highly effective.

You can begin this with a scanning exercise. Invariably you’ll be spending more time over things of interest to you. You’ll need to be effective with your use of keywords to call up closely related blogs or websites. Once you’ve found a handful, you can sit down and read one or two posts from every other blog. If the post is long, you can read the first few paragraphs. If you find yourself having read the entire post, well then, you might be onto something, or you might have unearthed a rare and raw talent.

You should have a look at About Pages to give you the gist of themes and subjects being covered. Not in any way judgmental, I simply skip pure nonsense and posts riddled with errors which are indicative of no care or thought to suffering readers. There is also always the time and place for games but do show a little courteousy to your readers, writers. To address the conundrum of managing your limited reading time better, this is easy. Many of you surely travel via public transport to and from work every day.

Travelling this way is a great opportunity to cast your mind away from the humdrum traffic noises and the din of crowds. You could quietly scroll through pages on your mobile and bookmark posts for later reading, not necessarily even on the same day. Once settled in at home, you can still prioritize further. The standard word length of blog posts should be around eight hundred words. There are, of course much longer posts. But sometimes these posts are just too interesting or important to dismiss.

So, what you do here is bookmark further. Your longer posts can be reserved for reading during your quiet hours over the weekend. Other than standard length blog posts, there are shorter standards too. These are usually around two hundred and fifty words. These shorter versions place you in a better position to keep up a habit of regular, daily reading, even on the bus or train. And perhaps your interests are as varied as mine are. This is a good thing.

Being culturally diverse means that there’s never a dull moment in your life. So, think of the rewards of this and the added bonus of never growing bored of reading the same, tiresome topics over and over again. Every day you cover a different subject of interest. I was going to mention how I handle this but I’m also currently revising my reading time. But, in essence, it’s true what they say; variety is the spice of life. Keeping things different for you every day, helps keep you alive and keep things real for you.

Groovy, or what? Anyway, I’ve ended up having a blast letting my mind wander off like this. And to think that initially I was a little doubtful of setting my mind to writing about getting a handle on blogs. Perhaps being a teacher helps. I’m not sure. I’ll leave you to decide whether it’s had a positive influence here. But, let me close by saying that we dismiss reading blogs at our own peril. Days being as busy and short as they are, we dare not miss out on anything, do we?

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