On a bleak beach

June 21, 2016

No lies, here sometimes thing happen at the spur of the moment. Remarkable for me, sometimes the timing is actually quite good. Just under an hour ago, I put down Neville Shute’s On The Beach. This evening I must have gotten through no less than forty pages of the book tonight. This was fortuitous too, because, oh, let me also tell you about a peculiar habit I have had for the last couple of years too then, my mind was on such matters. No pessimist, I might add, I have been preoccupied on looming disasters that could occur if we do not take care.

Anyway, an unpleasant disagreement going back to over a year now also came to mind. After the unpleasant spat between two excitable women, me being one of them, I decided to un-friend this social media aunt of ours. She’s a celebrity chef and was a former page three model in her younger days. So, she’s widely known in our community and, of course, everyone, including me, wanted to be her friend. There was a raging fire on the small mountain above us, so, needless to say, these fiery flames got everyone talking. Continue Reading…