Let’s talk about Toni and her friends then

June 21, 2016

My thoughts are a lot clearer now.

Today I’m going to chat to you about a woman I have admired for nearly ten years now since I first discovered her at university. I’m also happy to tell you that I was slightly humored and placed my finger in the sky and asked myself; now, who shall I write about today. And, for some unknown reason, Ms. Toni Morrison’s name popped into my little head. I say this is odd because it has now been a few years since I re-read her remarkable novel, Beloved. The funny thing is though, this is the only book of the Pulitzer Prize and Nobel Prize for Literature winner I have read closely and intensely.

My first reading was prescribed, and as I got to know Ms. Morrison’s characters back then, it was, let’s just say, ghostly. We are never entirely sure whether Beloved is real, an apparition before her guilty mother’s eyes, or just plain and simply a ghost. That she is an abused young woman is without any doubt, as far as I am concerned. But, true to form, as I have gotten to know Ms. Morrison, the mysterious Beloved could just as well serve as a physical metaphor for all the abused women from the past and right up to this day. There are ladies out there who might not have time to sit down and read a thought-provoking novel.

But, as a compromise, why don’t you download the movie version of this groundbreaking story. Now, I’ve never been a fan of Oprah and her talk shows which are no more, but one thing I am adamant about, to the point that I am a fan of her work, is, boy, can this woman act. In the film, Oprah plays Beloved’s crazy mother. Beloved is played by British-born actress, Tandy Newton, and for once, she acts rather well in this picture. Acclaimed American actor, Danny Glover, plays the stereotypical abuser (of women) of note. Coincidently, he also starred in Steven Spielberg’s heartrending adaptation of Alice Walker’s novella, The Color Purple, which also introduced the world to a young Whoopi Goldberg.

Whoopi Goldberg, on the other hand, at some stage of her maturity as an independent African American woman was involved in a much publicized relationship with fellow-American actor, Ted Danson. I bring this up now, as I also begin to wind down this post, because new thoughts have come to light. For me, it is still heartrending that there are far too many people out there who are so judgmental towards those who are different from them, mainly on the basis of skin pigmentation. It makes no sense, because, invariably, these men and women towards which judgmental fingers are pointed just happen to be far, far better than them and exemplary role models for us all.

Take Whoopi, and all the other ladies I have mentioned in this current post, for example. Apart from being creative, talented artists, they are all in their own different ways involved in some or another project of uplifting others who are just a little too weak to manage without a helping hand. Even Whoopi’s former partner, Danson, is worth a mention. Just the other night, I saw a lovely film in which he featured. This film was based on a true event of environmental and humane proportions. In short, three blue whales were trapped under thick, frozen ice somewhere in the coldest regions of Alaska.

While the youngest calf didn’t make it, entire communities from all walks of life joined hands to rescue these magnificent creatures.

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