aboutWhen I was approached by a British publisher to begin writing for my own blog, I felt not just pride but a great deal of privilege.
I have long regarded the UK publishing world as my target area of business as a language practitioner. So, there you have it; that is what I do for a living. Broadly speaking I am a language practitioner. I write mostly, but sometimes I am summoned or invited to give talks on anything related to literature. Sometimes, I am also asked to give lessons.
This may be the most rewarding aspect of my profession. Not so much telling others how things are done or showcasing one’s superior knowledge on subjects related to languages and literature, but more a case of sharing a passion which also affords new opportunities to others who have just embarked on a path I began walking along some years ago. At some stage of my working life, I decided to catch my breath, take stock of my life and measure where I would like to see myself twenty years from now.

The path that I am on now is a step in that direction. Now, this publisher, stern in the way she deals with her business, but refreshingly kind in her old fashioned way of dealing with her work, asked me to keep my posts as original as possible and to also vary the topics I wished to talk about. After spending a few days thinking about these directions, I decided that this was not going to be difficult at all. Rather, apart from sharing unique and original thoughts with those who have similar interests, it would also become an enriching journey for me.
My languages and literature path, however, remains a narrow one. I do not complain about this. Rather, I embrace it and carry on with my walk. I hope you will enjoy the journey with me. On the matter of varying topics and keeping these as original as possible, I have decided, in turn, to be as creative as possible with my work. The overriding theme of languages and literature remains in place, but, this you too may find enriching, topics and subjects somehow seem to find a way of corresponding with each other.
For example, I have similar thoughts in regard to both poetry and musical lyrics, no matter what its subject and genre. It goes without saying that I have an enduring love affair with books. But at the same time, how would I be able to enrich my interest in things such as history and cultural diversity if it weren’t for accessible books. Coincidently, I have a curious interest in people, whether they are famous or folks just like you and me. Much of my information is taken either from biographies, authorized or not.
In other cases, there are anonymous people I have in mind to talk about. And because we speak mainly from the point of view of women, invariably, most literary paths, in this case, lead to the subject of women, or relate events, current or historical, directly to women. I am also quite fascinated with the work produced by dramatists and their fellow writers and producers who have, over the years, skillfully adapted the work originally done for the benefit of book readers, and now for the benefit of those who enjoy stimulating their thoughts through the medium of film.
Whatever is posted here is based on matters that may trigger my heart at any moment in time or based on recollections from my recent past. Please enjoy your reading.